Coaching and strategic marketing mentoring for business owners.

Launch and scale your business with increased focus and confidence.

I combine strategic marketing and planning with business coaching. We focus together on the practical, financial and emotional aspects of growing a business.

What can coaching help with?

My coaching style and background

Before becoming a coach, I was a strategic marketing consultant and a software project manager. I worked closely with businesses on branding, search marketing, content strategy and social media. I managed projects for SME’s, guiding them to put in place solid marketing plans to support their goals. This work continues to inform me as a coach and brings a practical, structured style to my work.

I trained in personal and business coaching with the Barefoot school in the UK and I am accredited with the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach. I trained as a professional marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and I have completed a year-long counselling skills training as well as mental health first-aid training.

What can you expect from coaching?


Coaching gives you a chance to fully explore what’s going on in your business and to have your situation, your thoughts and your goals reflected back to you. Your coach is someone impartial and experienced who gives you their undivided attention and guides you to come up with new solutions.


Your coach can help you untangle your thoughts, plans and ideas. They’ll listen out for what’s most important and will offer constructive challenges when that’s what’s needed. When you figure out your goals and plans in coaching, they become much more clear and feel increasingly achievable as you progress.


In coaching, the things that don’t go well can become resources for you to make important changes. Nothing is wasted, so you can celebrate (and repeat) your successes and you have a place to shift those stubborn thoughts or behaviours that have been getting in your way.


Coaching will enable you to move from a clear set of goals into the most efficient, appropriate actions you can take to meet those goals. Your coach helps you put a clear structure in place, as well as offering the accountability and encouragement you need to stay on track.

Want more confidence and clarity as you grow your business? Wish you had a clear strategy and marketing plan?
We can have a 30-minute, no-pressure conversation to discuss your business strategy and identify your next steps. It's a great chance to meet each other and explore your business together if you're considering working with me.

What's it like to work with me?

"The coaching with Christina has given me the confidence and self-belief to say and do what I believe with conviction. It’s shown me that there are no barriers to where I can take myself, that I can stop doubting myself or procrastinating because there are no failures, just lessons learned! Christina is ingenious in the way she can help draw out the obstacles and help someone to find their own answers."
Neil Carter
"I highly recommend Christina. She is an amazing coach who holds the space in a calm and safe way. She is also capable of recognising your needs and directing the sessions accordingly."
Inma Piqueras Ramos
"The work we did together felt effortless and empowering. I now have access to a new-found inner confidence that I can access on my own any time I choose. Christina’s an amazing, highly skilled coach with a capacity to steer change in the most gentle, non-intrusive way."
Olya Chaschin